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All of our prices are subject to change.


SanMar Catalog is our most used distributor for apparel goods

Find what you need in the catalog or come in and have a look through the store front inventory. Online Store Coming Soon!


Embroidery Pricing

Image by Ryan Stone
Image by Domenico Gentile

All embroidery pricing is based on the amount of stitches in each design plus a digitizing fee. A large design can have fewer stitches than a smaller logo depending on the amount of detail added; making it possibly less expensive.

Digitizing is an added fee for embroidery based on size.

$15 - $50. This is a one time fee per logo, changes to a logo will mean another fee. 

Designs over 15K stitches

$8 - $10

Stitch Count Pricing

Cost Per Piece

Below 7K

10K - 13K

7K - 10K 

13K - 15K





Letterman Jackets

Letterman Jackets Pricing

Image by Donald Teel
Image by Kartini Maxson

Letterman's are unlike embroidery; not based on stitch count, instead determined 

by the difficulty of the position for patches or bands. Removing pieces to either add

or rearrange the layout is also an added fee. 

Removals of any kind are an added $5 Per Piece 

Letterman Pricing

Cost Per Piece

Sleeve Bands

Eagle Head or Name

Sleeve Patch

Chest or Back Patch






Patches Pricing

Image by Josh Carter
Image by Jay Wennington

The cost of patches is made up of size and difficulty of the patch PLUS embroidery stitch counts. Smaller very detailed pieces can be just as much as a larger piece. 

These prices are only for the work and materials of the patch not any embroidery. Bring us a patch and this is your price. Have us make one from "scratch" and an embroidery fee for amount of stitches is added.

Patch Pricing

Cost Per Piece

Up to 4 inches


Full Back






White Toner

White Toner Pricing

Image by Angello Pro
Image by ian dooley

White Toner Printing cost goes off of the amount of ink printing on to an item. The more colors added, gradients or intricate design will cost additional.

White Toner Pricing

Cost Per Piece

1 Full Print & 1 Small

Design Fee Included

Additional Locations

Port and Company 100% cotton shirt Included

$20 - $24


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